Garden Plan

In this image, the top is nearest the house, and the bottom is the street. Icons are where the plants original roots are.

Starting at the house, in the main area (left/driveway to right/fence):

  • A: artichoke plant (perennial, from 2023), okra, peppers, corn, cardoon plant (perennial, from 2022)

  • B: watermelon, red potatoes, bush beans

  • C: strawberries (perennial, first planted in 2018)

  • D: pumpkins, a volunteer watermelon, more pumpkins, a pattypan squash

  • E: cucamelon (first trellis), eggplant, jade runner beans (second trellis), Jamacian burr gherkin, tomatoes (third trellis)

  • F: Japanese winged beans (first trellis), peanuts and basil, lima beans (second trellis), Armenian cucumber (third trellis)

  • G: calla lilies (planted 2021), dahlias (planted every year and occasionally they come back), gladiolus (planted 2021), volunteer sunflowers, cabbage

The side section near the large tree (crepe myrtle) has sweet potatoes and cabbage. Along the fence are two apple trees surrounded by garlic, and beyond them is a young plum tree. All around the garden are various perennial bulbs (daffodils, gladiolus, alliums, ranunculus, lilies, anemone, crocus, hyacinth, and tulips).

Last updated: July 4, 2023

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