Kate stands, wearing purple pants and a tie dye shirt, in front of a HUGE sunflower in an otherwise very overgrown garden.

Fun Facts:

What are you growing?

If you click over to the "garden plan" page, you can see a plan of what we have growing now!

Can I walk around in the garden?

Please do! just watch your feet and stay in between the rows (in the ditches)

Really? I can walk around the garden?

Yes! We do ask that you be careful. When in doubt, if the thing under your feet looks like woodchips, you're safe. If not, you're probably crushing a veggie. Walk in the trenches, driveway, and paths. Feel free to text Kate- (706) 452-5196‬- and she'll come help you out if she's around and free.

Is the produce ready? Can I pick it?

Telling if some produce is ripe is a little tricky. Text Kate and if she's free she'll come out and tell you about it.

What is "bbs"?

It's just a cute way of spelling "babies".

Do you keep up the garden alone?

Of course not! I get lots of help from friends, family, and neighbors. Shout out to Tonee, Lisa, Cameron, Alton, Elizabeth, Jimmy, Leila, Amani, both Charlottes, Dorion, Juanes, Zo, Sy, Topf, Bodhi, James, Joanna, Hadar, Cornelia, Sim, Kylie, Evan, Kirsten, Johnny, Dmann, Joey, and Dustin.

Why are there so many weeds?

Every human who lives here has a full time job! Also, the weeds love to be in the Georgia heat, and we do not.

How do you keep pests away?

Honestly, it's a constant struggle. in 2020, Neem oil worked pretty well on Japanese beetles, but it damaged our zucchini. Our main pests are squash lady beetles, squash borers, the occasional tomato hornworm or fruitworm, centipedes, slugs, rats, and squirrels.

Why do you have tall rows with ditches in between?

The rows are called "berms" and the ditches are called "swales". This design means that when it rains, the water goes into the swales and absorbs into the ground, where the plants can get it later.

What's going on with irrigation?

In 2019 we installed a drip irrigation system. It’s totally busted now because Kate ran it over with the lawn mower a while ago. It's okay though, because of the berms and swales setup which means we hardly need to water, except when the plants are new babies.

Did you grow everything from seed?

I’m not very good at starting seeds indoors. You can see where we get our plant starts (for things like tomatoes, peppers, broccoli, kale, etc), see the resources page.

Where do you get your seeds?

We mostly get our seeds from the places listed in our resources page, but we also use saved seeds, swapped seeds, gifted seeds, or random packets from grocery and hardware stores.

How did you learn to garden?

We started out taking a class at Ecosystem Farms, where we learned a TON. We keep up our learning by talking to friends, Googling, reading books, and trial and error! The resources page has some of our favorites.

How tall was that sunflower in 2020?

At the final measuring, it was about 14 feet tall.

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